Our Austin Injury Attorneys Help Victims of Single Car Accidents

Photo of a single vehicle car accidentJust because an accident did not occur as a collision between two or more vehicles does not mean that some other party may be at fault. Single car accidents are a very common type of car crash. Often in these types of accidents, it may not occur to the victims that the responsibility for the accident lies anywhere but with themselves.

Contact our Austin injury attorneys to find out if another party’s negligence played a role in your single vehicle accident. We are a small, specialized firm by choice: we only accept legitimate cases that we believe will end with our client receiving compensation for their suffering and losses.

Single Vehicle Car Crash

Single car crashes can have many causes that are not related to driver error, including:

  • Defective car parts (tire, steering mechanism, etc.)
  • Another driver causing the need for evasive action
  • Road construction
  • Poorly marked roads
  • Poor road design

Determining what the actual cause of the crash was requires a thorough investigation, especially when the cause may not be readily obvious. Having a skilled and experienced attorney by your side can help ensure that the proper parties are held accountable for your accident.

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At Allison & Ward, our firm has been serving the needs of our clients since 1978. Dick Allison created the firm, and now his son Aaron Allison, daughter Keely Allison Ward and son-in-law Adam Ward handle all personal injury and workers compensation claims.

We know how challenging it can be to deal with the aftermath of an auto accident. Medical bills can pile up in a short amount of time and if your injuries prevent you from working, your financial situation can become perilous all too quickly. Securing the compensation you need and deserve can be critical following a car accident. Let us help you obtain the resources you need to recover.

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The possibility of being involved in an auto accident is one of the most hazardous dangers that many of us regularly expose ourselves to. When an auto accident happens, you need to know that your rights will be protected and that you will have the help you need. Our firm is skilled at uncovering the truth in these types of cases and using that truth to hold the proper parties responsible for their carelessness. To schedule a free initial consultation with an Austin injury lawyer, call (512) 474-8153 or contact us online.

With our contingency fees, you do not pay any attorney fees out of pocket. We only receive attorney fees if you recover money for your suffering.