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What Are the Top 10 Causes of Workplace Disabling Injuries?

Researchers at Liberty Mutual have released their annual top 10 list for the most common causes for disabling injuries. Their list was compiled using U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and with the help of the National Academy of Social Insurance. Injuries only qualified if it caused the worker to miss six or more days of work. Additionally, Liberty Mutual has ranked the cause of injuries based on total workers’ compensation costs. The Top 10 Causes of Workplace Injury The following are the annual top 10 causes of injuries in the workplace, according to the researchers and their statistics: Overexertion Falls on same level Struck by object or equipment Falls to lower level Other exertion or bodily reactions Slip or trip without a fall Caught in/compressed by equipment or objects Repetitive motions involving micro-tasks Struck against object or equipment Of the above, overexertion amounted to a quarter of the entire workplace…
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Is Airborne Grain Dust a Workplace Violation?

A feed mill in Navasota, Texas is looking at $58,100 in possible fines for violations, which includes airborne grain dust. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has tagged the Thomas Moore Feed facility for 18 health and safety violations. ST Feed Mill, which does business as Thomas Moore Feed, must either comply or contest these citations within 15 business days. OSHA heavily fines companies when they find violations that carry a high probability of workplace injury or death when the employer is expected to be aware of the danger. Why is Airborne Grain Dust Dangerous? OSHA says that the feed mill allowed dust to exceed the 1/8 inch accumulation limit. The dust was not monitored at all. It was collecting in areas that it should not have been, and the dust collector needed repairs as well. This is a serious offense because concentrated grain dust can become explosive if…
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Who is Liable If a Bouncer Injures Me

Last week we looked at a local Austin news story about a bar patron that received 55 stitches and an injured eye in a bouncer attack. Then we discussed why these injuries caused by bar employees might be happening. As a change of direction, let us discuss who is liable for your injury if you are sent to the hospital for a bouncer’s negligent behavior. In bouncer attacks, you may actually have some options. You could sue the bouncer or you could sue the employer of the bouncer. The employee will often not have the funds to pay for the injuries he or she gave you, since medical treatment tends to be very expensive. Therefore, taking on the employer is probably the best move if they can be proven liable for your injuries. Why Might a Bar Owner be Liable for My Injury? The reason you can take on the…
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