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What Are Some Examples of Distracted Driving?

As we have reported in previous blogs, distracted driving is a dangerous habit that is killing many people in Texas. Last year, according to the Texas Department of Transportation, distracted drivers caused about one in five traffic accidents in the Lone Star State, leading to hundreds of lives lost. In 2013, sadly, 459 people were killed in accidents involving distracted drivers in Texas. Remember, examples of distracted driving can include: Texting while driving Adjusting the stereo Passengers causing commotion Viewing a GPS device Eating or drinking Lighting a cigarette Keep in mind, distracted driving is a form of negligence. If you are guilty of participating in one of the habits listed above and you cause and accident leading to injuries or death, you can be held liable. With this in mind, if a reckless driver has harmed you or your loved one in a distracted driving accident, it may be…
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Why Do Elevator Accidents Occur?

Did you know that each year thousands of people are injured in elevator accidents in the U.S.? Sadly, in addition to severe injuries, about 30 people die annually because of elevator mishaps. Unfortunately, elevator accidents can occur for a number of reasons, including defective parts, which can cause doors to stop or close on an individual, causing entrapment or terrible falls. Additionally, they can occur when defects lead to sudden drops or rises. Often, those who are injured in elevator accidents are not civilians; they are employees and maintenance workers. Remember, in most cases, property owners are responsible for all elevator maintenance, including making sure there are no defects with mechanical parts. The failure of a property owner to maintain an elevator can lead to personal injury lawsuits, and third party and workers’ compensation claims for employees who are injured on the job. Hurst Worker Injured in Elevator Accident We…
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Are Trucks Traveling Too Fast for Their Tires?

We have blogged about the dangers of truck accidents several times in our blog. With this in mind, recently a new study revealed scary numbers indicating that many tractor-trailers are traveling at faster speeds than their tires can handle. According to the Associated Press, many tractor-trailers are now being driven faster than the 75 mph their tires are designed to handle, which has been linked to wrecks and blowouts nationwide. The news outlet reported that almost all truck tires have been built for a maximum speed of 75 mph over the past decade, even though many states west of the Mississippi River allow trucks to travel at speeds of 75, 80 and even 85 mph. It should be noted that states set their own speed limits. “Safety advocates and tire experts say that habitually driving faster than a tire’s rated speed can generate excessive heat that damages the rubber, with…
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