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Does McDonald’s Promote Unsafe Work Conditions?

Do you work for McDonald’s? Recently, the fast food chain has come under fire, as workers in multiple cities have filed complaints about on-the-job injuries. According to CNN, as of March 16, 28 workers in 19 cities had filed complaints against McDonalds over on-the-job injuries, including severe burns and slip-and-fall injuries over a two-week period. One group that is involved in a separate wage campaign against McDonald’s, the “Fight for $15″, said that it has launched a petition with the Department of Labor to investigate working conditions at restaurants. The group said that one worker in Chicago slipped on a wet floor and caught her arm on a grill recently, suffering severe burns and nerve damage. “The managers told me to put mustard on my arm, that’s it. But I ended up having to get rushed to the hospital,” the worker said, according to CNN. CNN reported that the complaints…
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Are Fatal Truck Accidents on the Rise in Texas?

Unfortunately, the number of fatal truck accidents occurring in Texas appears to be on the rise. Last fall, the Houston Chronicle reported that between 2009 and 2013, traffic deaths linked to commercial vehicle crashes in Texas increased by about 51 percent, from 352 to 532. Most of these accidents involved tractor-trailers and large trucks. The newspaper indicated that the increase in accidents could be related to population growth and commerce, especially when it comes to the gas and oil industry. Sadly, since 2008, Texas has led the country in motor vehicle deaths, surpassing California as the previous national leader, the Chronicle reported. Remember, truck accidents are often fatal due to the sheer force of collisions and weight of the vehicles involved. Crashes involving commercial trucks are among the most violent on roadways. Truck Driver Runs Red Light, Kills Teenager in Austin We bring up fatal truck accidents because recently a Del…
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Has There Been a Blue Bell Ice Cream Recall?

Do you enjoy Blue Bell ice cream products? The Brenham-based company is the maker of some of the most popular dairy treats in Texas, but it is now facing criticism due to a recall resulting in alleged foodborne illnesses. According to the New York Daily News, five people in Kansas have developed listeriosis after eating Blue Bell products. Of the five who became ill, three people eventually died. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, a bacterium was found in samples of the following Blue Bell items: Blue Bell Chocolate Chip Country Cookies Great Divide Bars Sour Pop Green Apple Bars Cotton Candy Bars Scoops Vanilla Stick Slices Almond Bars No Sugar Added Moo Bars The Daily News reported that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that the five people who became sick after eating products were receiving treatment for health issues at a hospital before…
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