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Memorial Day No Refusal Weekends Nab Drunk Drivers

If you are planning to celebrate this Memorial Day weekend, make sure that you have a sober driver, as the Austin-area may have its no refusal initiative in effect. The initiative allows the Austin Police Department to conduct blood draw search warrants on suspects who refuse to give breath specimens if they are pulled over and suspected of drunk driving. Drivers whose blood alcohol concentration is at or above .15 can face Class A misdemeanor charges. Over the 2014 Memorial Day weekend, the APD arrested 103 people for drunk driving during the no refusal initiative, obtaining blood search warrants for 43 people. Nationally, Mothers Against Drunk Driving reports that Memorial Day weekend is one of the deadliest weekends of the year due to a high rate of drunk drivers. The organization reported that in 2012, 165 people were killed in drunk driving crashes over Memorial Day weekend, with DUI accidents…
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Could Self-Driven Trucks Prevent Crashes?

NBC News had an interesting report recently that indicated that the world’s first self-driven tractor-trailer has begun operating in Nevada. The news outlet reported that the 18-wheeler received a license plate recently and passed its inspection to begin use on state roads. Although the truck will be driverless, a human will still need to sit behind the wheel in case there is an emergency, ready to take control of the vehicle. The “Inspiration” truck uses computerized technology and sensors that allows it to monitor other vehicles on the road, as well as conditions. It was reported that it logged over 10,000 miles of testing prior to receiving approval to operate. “An autonomous system never gets tired, never gets distracted,” a representative said, according to NBC News. “It is always on 100 percent.” Experts say that 90 percent of truck accidents involve human error, including driver fatigue. Officials said that they…
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Austin EMS Workers Face Stress, Dangers on the Job

Do you know any Austin EMS workers? Have they talked about the dangers and stress associated with their jobs? Recently, the Austin Chronicle had an excellent in-depth story about Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services employees, and the stress and dangers they face on the job. The story discussed a young paramedic who killed himself earlier this year, the third worker from ATCEMS to commit suicide over the last two and a half years. The report, which you can view by clicking the source link below, noted that ATCEMS workers are often asked to work long hours, with some allegedly working 24-hour shifts. In one case, in 2012, a worker allegedly fell asleep on his way home from work and crashed his car after working a daylong ambulance shift. Because of the high stress levels, some ATCEMS workers have begun to lash out on social media. “People are doing work, day…
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