Was Your Child Bitten By a Dog?

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Photo of a child with a dogDogs are such a common part of our society that most people forget the danger a dog can pose. Any dog can bite. Although large dogs are known to cause serious injuries, even the smaller breeds can inflict serious harm on an unsuspecting person. Some of the most serious dog bites can result in the wrongful death of the victim.

The firm’s founder created the firm in 1978 to serve the needs of injured people in Austin. Today, his children Aaron Allison, Keely Allison Ward and son-in-law Adam Ward continue to further the firm’s mission of securing justice and compensation for injured children and their families. If your child was hurt by someone else’s negligence, we are on your side.

When Children Are Involved in a Dog Attack

When children are the victim of a dog attack, the level of injury is often significant due to their smaller size and their diminished ability to fight off a dog. Dog bites also typically scar the area of the bite.

In addition to the physical effects of the attack, there may be lasting emotional effects. A dog attack can be a highly traumatic event, especially for a child. They may face long-term trauma, and living with the impact of that trauma may be difficult.

We Will Find Out Who is Responsible

At Allison & Ward, we will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of the dog bite your child suffered. We understand that injuries to children present special considerations, and we will work to be sensitive to all of those. We understand that ongoing care may be a need as the result of the injury he or she sustained.

Our Austin injury lawyers will look into the history of the dog that attacked your child, and we will work to accurately assess all future medical expenses related to the attack. After the investigation, we will use our skill as litigators to hold the owner of the attacking dog responsible for the injuries to your child.

Professional and Aggressive Representation You Can Trust

If your child was injured in a dog attack, let our experienced team investigate the circumstances of your situation. Although legal action cannot undo the effects of the bite, it can give you and your family what you need in order to recover and move forward from this difficult time.

Our firm is skilled at building very strong cases that bring all of the facts to light and use those facts to create accountability. To schedule a free initial consultation, call (512) 474-8153 or contact our Austin injury attorneys online. We do not collect attorney’s fees unless we first recover compensation for you.