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Photo of a dog growlingMany Austin families have pets that they like to think are cute and playful, and most of the time they are. Unfortunately, pets sometimes act out, which can result in serious injuries to others.

Our firm was founded in 1978 to represent injured citizens of Austin. Today, the founder’s children Aaron Allison and Keely Allison Ward, alongside son-in-law Adam Ward, continue the firm’s mission of providing professional and aggressive legal counsel to injured people and their families.

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In Texas, there are a number of important dog bite laws. Dog owners can be held liable under our “vicious dog standard,” which is often called the “one bite rule.” The vicious dog standard holds dog owners liable if they knew their dog had a propensity to attack or had bitten someone before.

In cases where the dog owner failed to abide by a leash law or to reasonably secure their dog, that owner can also be held liable. For example, when people allow their dogs to roam freely in public areas and a dog bite results, the owner will be liable for the victim’s injuries and losses.

Our Austin injury lawyers will investigate your claim thoroughly, examining evidence such as medical reports, clothes worn during the attack, the animal’s behavior history, police reports and witness statements. We will work closely with you to build a persuasive case and identify all potential sources of fair compensation. Typically, we begin by filing a premises liability claim against the animal owner’s homeowner insurance policy and pursue that claim through tough negotiation or at trial, if necessary.

Unfortunately, children are common victims of dog bites because children are likely to be in areas with dogs, are often attracted to dogs and are unlikely to recognize aggressive behavior in a dog. In Texas, parents have the right to seek damages for mental anguish when they witness a dog attacking their child. Our Austin injury attorneys have substantial experience helping people recover compensation for injuries to children.

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At Allison & Ward, we are here to help victims restore normalcy to their lives by aggressively pursuing compensation for anything a dog or other domestic animal attack has cost them. If you have questions about a possible dog bite claim, contact our Austin injury attorneys online to schedule a free consultation, or call our office at (512) 474-8153. We offer professional and aggressive representation you can trust.