Did Your Child Suffer a Back Injury?

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Photo of a child with a spinal cord injuryWhen an adult suffers a spinal cord injury, he or she usually loses the ability to do things that were once effortless. When a child suffers a spinal cord injury, this is also true. An even greater loss, however, is the fact that the child is still learning and growing — and a traumatic injury can bring development to a standstill for quite some time. The child loses opportunities to develop new skills and abilities at the pace that friends and classmates will. The child may never again have a “normal life,” and will likely have to live with special needs indefinitely.

Each of our Austin injury lawyers is related to the man who originally founded our firm in 1978. As a small, specialized, family-owned law firm, we are committed to providing honest and competent legal counsel to injured children and their families. We only take legitimate cases where it will be possible to recover compensation for the victim.

We Represented Injured Children

A very serious injury will greatly limit future possibilities in most facets of life. A small child or toddler who becomes a quadriplegic or paraplegic will not grow up to be able to ride a horse, go mountain hiking or play soccer in the ways that able-bodied children can.

In addition to limiting potential, a child’s serious back injury or spinal cord injury will mean that he or she will need special accommodations, such as:

  • Motorized wheelchairs and other medical equipment, to be replaced periodically as the child grows
  • Home remodeling needs, such as widened doorways, lowered counters and bars installed in bathrooms
  • Installed or portable ramps to allow for entry and exit from home in a wheelchair or with a walker

Parents can transport a small child who is paraplegic or quadriplegic from place to place, but as the child grows, mobility will be a challenge. Parents will most likely provide personal care in the early stages, but the child will eventually need paid, personal care attendants.

Furthermore, someone living with the effects of a serious back or spinal cord injury will likely be prone to illnesses and complications such as infections and chronic nerve pain.

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A child’s catastrophic injury is one of the most difficult challenges a family can face. Our Austin injury lawyers work hard to recover compensation from responsible parties, such as motorists, daycare or playground supervisors and manufacturers of defective products. To schedule a free initial consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Austin, call (512) 474-8153 or contact us online.