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Assisting with Personal Injury and Workers Compensation Since 1978

Our law office was created in 1978. We have always been and always will be an Austin-based firm dedicated to helping people injured by the negligence of others or in workplace accidents. Our law firm is a family business: Aaron Allison learned the art and science of the practice of law from his father. He handles cases with his sister, Keely Allison Ward, and his brother-in-law, Adam Ward.

When you hire us as your attorneys, we will take care of everything so you can focus on your recovery. We can settle most of our cases out of court, so you avoid a lengthy litigation process. We work long hours to bring your case to a close, and we welcome our client to call us at any time during the process and we respond promptly.

Professional and Aggressive Reputation You Can Trust

If you are worried about how much it would cost to hire a lawyer, know that we structure our costs to accommodate you. There is no charge to meet with our injury lawyers to find out if you have a case. We do not accept every client that calls us, only those cases we believe that have a legitimate chance of recovery. If we do not recover money for you in a verdict or settlement, you do not owe attorney fees.

We focus our law practice on personal injury claims and workers compensation insurance for on-the-job accidents. If you work for a company that does not offer workers compensation – Lowes, Home Depot, HEB or a health care provider, for example – we can assist  you on recovering monetary  damages to cover your hospital bills and lost wages from missing work. Other personal injury cases include injuries to children (such as at daycare or on a playground), medical malpractice (including cerebral palsy), premises liability, auto accidents (including truck and car accidents), product liability cases, animal attacks and much more.

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